We’re so excited to have Jonathan Perry from NIRx Optical Systems visit BL2 today to install our brand-new fNIRS neuroimaging systems! Above is Jonathan with Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto, BL2 Scientific Director, with our new fNIRS system (still under construction). The new NIRx system will enable us to ask and answer more, new scientific questions about language acquisition, reading, and bilingualism in humans of all ages. More photos coming soon!

Picutred below are Dr. Adam Stone (recent graduate from the Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) Program and Dr. Petitto’s student), Dr. Barbara Manini (Petitto’s Keck & NSF INSPIRE postdoctoral fellow), Geo Kartheiser (PEN doctoral candidate and Dr. Petitto’s student), and Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto.