Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto (PI, Keck & NSF INSPIRE grants) and team convened for the exciting bi-annual “all hands on deck” important science and design innovation meeting on October 26-27, 2016. Above L-R: Jake Brawer (Ph.D. student, Yale); Dr. Brian Scassellati (project head, Yale University team); Dr. David Traum (project head, University of Southern California); Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto (PI; project head, Gallaudet University); Dr. Clifton Langdon (BL2 Assistant Director, Gallaudet University); Melissa Malzkuhn (ML2 Director, Gallaudet University); Dr. Barbara Manini (Keck & NSF INSPIRE Post-Doc, Gallaudet University); Adam Stone (Ph.D. student, Gallaudet); Dr. Arcangelo Merla (project head, Universita D’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara, Italy); Jason Lamberton (ML2 Technician); Setareh Gilani (Ph.D. student, USC).

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Jake Brawer (Ph.D. student, Yale) and Dr. Brian Scassellati (project head, Yale team), make adjustments to the Maki robot.


A group selfie (or “welfie”) with dessert to kick off our two-day meeting!


Setareh Gilani (Ph.D. student, USC), Dr. Arcangelo Merla (project head, Universita D’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara), and Jake Brawer (Ph.D. student, Yale) are at their eye-tracking, virtual human, thermal IR imaging, and robot operating stations, ready for our baby pilot to assess RAVE’s functionality and integrative┬áprocesses.


Dr. Clifton Langdon (BL2 Assistant Director), Adam Stone (Ph.D. student, Gallaudet), and Dr. Arcangelo Merla discuss placement of RAVE’s physical elements.

P1000740┬áDr. Laura-Ann Petitto (PI, project head, Gallaudet) and Dr. Brian Scassellati (project head, Yale) share a light moment while discussing the Maki┬árobot’s role in the integrated RAVE system.